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Folk Costumes

The folk costume is a part of the larger sphere of the traditional Romanian costume, whose unity is obvious in the way it is cut, in the decoration and in the coloring. The folk costume is still worn in the … Continue reading

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Black Ceramics

The traditional Romanian pottery is among the most beautiful in Europe. The ceramics articles distinguish through the forms’ elegance and the decoration. The traditional ceramics are shaped at the pottery wheel. Its burning is usually made in horizontal stoves through … Continue reading

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Painted Eggs

Egg decoration is very popular in the Romanian tradition. The painted eggs are a testimony of the Easter customs, believes and habits, representing an element of spiritual culture characteristic to Romania and nearby countries.
In Bucovina, more than anywhere else, painting … Continue reading

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Artistic sewing and weaving

The Romanian folk art is especially famous for the numerous traditional skills: weaving, the wood’s artistic processing, the icon painting, the eggs colouring, pottery, the folk masks’ manufacturing.The artistic weaving has a special place in the traditional handicraft art. The … Continue reading

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Artistic wood crafting

The artistic wood processing is another skill that represents a constant value in the Romanian traditional art. The wood always constituted a sensitive material used by the local craftsmen with ability as well as with artistic feeling. The decoration is … Continue reading

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Zilele Orasului Suceava

In perioada 24 – 29 iunie vor avea loc zilele orasului Suceava organizate de Primaria Orasului Suceava, Complexul Muzeal Bucovina si cu sprijinul Selgros.
Programu este urmatorul:
marti, 24 iunie:
– h15.00, inmanarea diplomelor noilor cetateni de onoare ai Sucevei
– h16.00, muzica populara … Continue reading

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Harta veche a orasului Suceava

Harta orasului SUCEAVA in perioada secoleleor XVI-XVIII
I. Piata de Sus (1761)
II. Piata de Jos (1761)
III. Mahalaua Blanarilor si Cojoarilor (1673)
IV. Casele de peste Rapa de la Fantana Doamnei
V. Coltul de la Biserica Invierea
VI. Casele din zona Mahala sau Tatarasi catre … Continue reading

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