Folk Costumes

The folk costume is a part of the larger sphere of the traditional Romanian costume, whose unity is obvious in the way it is cut, in the decoration and in the coloring. The folk costume is still worn in the Romanian villages, especially in Bucovina and Maramures. The embroidery has a certain significance that differs from one region to another. The men and the women do not have the same embroidery or the same cut of their folk shirts. In some regions of the country the colours combinations are strictly kept as imposed by the tradition.
The folk costume from Bucovina, excels from the point of view of the decoration through simplcity and sobriety, the main colours being reduced most of the times to red, black and white, although more recently other colours have been added (combination of orange and blue, in the North of Moldavia). The variety of the national costume marked by specific features concerning the decoration and the cut, is also manifested from the point of view of the structure that differs from a region to another.

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  1. Nica says:

    frumos … doar ca nu inteleg… sidebar`ul din dreaota de ce e in romana daca toate articolele sunt in engleza 😐

  2. admin says:

    vezi si articolele mai vechi .. alea sunt in romana 😉

  3. Janet M says:

    I have been looking for a large monument with the name LEONTIE on it, supposed to be in Moldova or surrounding area. Can anyone advise where it is and how I can get information about it on line?
    Any people in the area with the Leontie surname? Appreciate any and all information.

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